Scent Hurdling

Most of us have seen or understand the concept of a flyball-relay race that has a team with four racing dogs that race through a series of jumps to retrieve and return a ball to each dog’s handler. Scent Hurdle racing is like flyball except that, rather than retrieving a ball released by a flyball box, the dog identifies and retrieves a scented dumbbell. The two teams, of four dogs each, run against each other in the relay, over the jumps (hurdles) to reach a box at the end that contains four dumbbells, one of which has the dog’s owner’s scent on it. Once a dog picks up its dumbbell, that dumbbell is replaced with a “dummy” dumbbell so that each dog needs to find its dumbbell out of four options inside the box. The team that gets all four dogs with their dumbbells over the finish line first, wins the race.