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Wednesday - 29th of July 2015

   Greyhound Club
     of Canada


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One of the missions of the IGCC is to rescue Italian Greyhounds that are in need.  This may include IGs whose owners can no longer care for them, IGs found in shelters or Humane Societies, or IGs whose owners are no longer willing to care for them.  In all of these cases the breeder of the dog (if known) will be contacted and given the opportunity to do the right thing and take the dog back.

Any dog in Rescue will be treated by a veterinarian for necessary medical treatments -  usually a dental cleaning and extraction, spay/neuter if necessary and vaccinations.  The dogs are usually elderly, although sometimes young ones are surrendered to us as well.

An adoption fee is asked for each dog to help cover the costs of the care required.


If you are interested in surrendering a dog,  please contact our IGCC rescue rep Cheryl Sinnott.

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